How Do I Clean My Humidifier Filter With Vinegar?

Humidifiers are the best inventions for the dry winter season. It helps to eliminate the dry air in the atmosphere and reduces the airborne diseases and ailments.

As this device is more prone to deposit of minerals (mostly when hard water is used) it is essential to clean the deposits regularly so that you can make the device work efficiently every time you need.

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the humidifier can keep your family safe from breathing problems and skin allergies that lead to severe issue and illness in future. Good condition humidifier is essential to enjoy healthy days and restful nights without any issue.

How To Clean Humidifier Filter With Vinegar?

For getting better air quality at home and to enjoy the longevity with clean filters, you need to disinfect the humidifier with the use of best liquid that promotes better function and cleanliness for a long time. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agent that be used for this. For cleaning humidifier filters with vinegar all you need is:

  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Towels and Rubber gloves
  • Bucket and Soft cloth for wiping clean

Step 1: Unplug the device, remove the tank and drain the water from the water tray.

Step 2: Set the water tank on a clean towel and remove the filter as per the instructions in the instruction manual. Take care and remember the steps while removing the filter so that you can easily assemble it again after the cleaning of your humidifier filters.

Step 3: Pour equivalent portion of vinegar (White) and water in the bucket or a large container and place the filter in the solution. Make sure that it is completely soaked without any top layer floating on.

Step 4: As you are rinsing the filters, look for any damaged or decomposed areas. You may have green molds, black or pink deposits and even mineral deposits at the corners or in the main areas. Clean them if required by little scrubbing.

Step 5: Allow the filter to be in the solution for an hour as the more it is immersed in the solution, better results are achieved.

Step 6: Now check the filters for deposits or any dirt settled on it. And place it back if it is required for some more time.

Step 7: Remove the humidifier filter and rinse it thoroughly in clean and cool water and let it dry. This is important to follow before placing in the humidifier.

Step 8: Fill the tank and place the filters back in their position to let it function in a normal way.

This process of cleaning in vinegar need to be followed every week or month based upon the use and the rate of deposits that build up on the filters. Besides this, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to maintain safe cleaning.

Additional advice and tips

Place the solution onto the device and let it run for an hour. This process helps to keep your humidifier filters clean without any trouble. Empty out the left vinegar solution and clean the water tray with soapy hot water and repeat the method with clean water. Besides this, add a teaspoon of bleach powder as it sterilizes the humidifier filters completely and make it free from germs and harmful microorganisms.

Later, after an hour, empty it and dry the humidifier before using it for better moisture in the air. Fill the humidifier tank with pure water and resume your safe and regular use like before.

Make a note that if your humidifier filters are too dirty to be cleaned do not waste the time and energy for cleaning them. As filters of most popular humidifier models are readily available online, you can buy a new humidifier filter for your particular model so that you can easily maintain the best humidity level in the air, which your family will once again thank you for your care towards them.

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