How Can You Diffuse Essential Oils With Humidifiers?

We all know what a humidifier is. It is an electronic device which keeps the temperature within the room comfortable. Wouldn’t it be great if the humidifier emits soothing smell of essential oils too? Yes, it would be great. Most of you might know that the essential oils especially those of basil and eucalyptus has medicinal values. These oils rejuvenate mind and body. It can also keep you fresh for the whole day and at the same time ward off unwanted smells from your home or office.

And think about it! If these essential aromatic oils added to the humidifier, can emit a pleasing smell too! What a wonderful idea!

How Are Humidifiers Used?

Humidifiers, as mentioned come in small and big sizes. If you want a humidifier for your room, you can buy the latest table top ones which are handy. These humidifiers run on battery or electricity and can maintain the temperature of your room to keep you comfortable.

You can opt for bigger humidifiers if you have a bigger room or if you want to humidify the entire house. Humidifiers are important in areas where there is desert like conditions. Desert type climate leave a bad effect on health. People suffer from adverse health conditions. One health problem that is commonly reported in low humid areas is drying up of the mucous membrane.

adding essential oil to humidifier

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How To Add Essential Oil To The Humidifier?

Essential oils have many health benefits. People usually use essential oil diffusers to diffuse these essential oils. Oil diffusers are those small porcelain lamp like articles wherein oil are mixed with water on the upper chamber and a small candle is lighted underneath to vaporise the oil and water mixture to scent the entire room. This is an age old method and is one of the most used one also. People have been using humidifiers also for the same procedure.

Though people do not use humidifiers as essential oil diffusers, it still is a convenient way to make your room smell good. People feel that using a diffuser is much easier than using a humidifier and it can be said that it indeed is. But for those who are using the humidifier can add some essential oils to the water that the humidifier is consuming and can get the process done.

People using the humidifier, must be extremely careful about the quantity of the oil they are using in the humidifier. Any wrong step or excess in the quantity of the oil can be harmful. It must be kept in mind that the oils should be used in moderate amounts.

Things To Keep In Mind While Adding Essential Oil To Humidifiers

Experts say that it is absolutely fine to add oil to the stored water in humidifier’s chamber, but the quantity of the oil should not be more than eight to nine drops. It should always be remembered that the oils should always be diluted.

You can also try the cotton ball method where in you can soak the cotton ball in the essential oils before dropping it in the water storage container of the humidifier. Essential oils are natural oils, but do have contents of alcohol in it. These oils can over time ruin the plastic chambers of your humidifier. So users must clean the chambers after every use to clean the deposits from the chambers.

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