Best Home Remedies for Chest Cold: Does Humidifier Help?

Suffering with chest cold is common nowadays in winters. As per the reports, continuous cold and cough leads to many problems in health which begins from the heart to the rest of the body with severe pain in the back and in the chest. Also as this condition makes breathing difficult and causes illness it is important to pay attention to it at an initial stage itself so that it does not hamper your lifestyle.

Chest cold or chest congestion can happen due to the airborne pollutants and bacteria. This mainly happens during the winters when the atmospheric air is dry and cold. As such there are different viruses that causes chest cold and affects the patient in unusual ways.

Chest cold may also lead to acute bronchitis which is a stern condition where a respiratory strip infection spreads to the lungs causing irritation in the bronchial tubes. The swelling in the tubes comes into contact with the mucus production, causing cough and soreness in chest.

It may happen to any age of person including the infants when exposed to heavy smoke, smoking or polluted environment. It can spread from one person to other when a sufferer sit beside anyone during the time of cough, sneeze or talk. This happens due to the release of the contaminated droplets in the surrounding air, which is breathed by others and results into getting them infected.

Chest Cold

Symptoms of A Chest Cold

Chest cold symptoms and signs which are common include:

  • Frequent cough which produces mucus after 3 days
  • Feels pressure in chest with pain
  • Feels extreme fatigue and weakness
  • Mild headache with body pains
  • Fever and chills
  • Feels sore throat and watery eyes
  • Difficulty in breathing or feels breathless
  • Loss of appetite

Home Remedies for Chest Cold

Tips for how to get rid of a chest cold naturally

There are many home remedies for treating chest cold or chest congestion. Following these will surely give your body the strength to fight with the cold causing virus and thus helps in treating chest cold naturally. Some of the best home remedies to follow are:

  • Take rest: Reserve some energy in your body to fight with infections. Make sure that you avoid all sort of physical exertion when you are suffering from chest cold. Take proper rest and sleep, prop up your head when you are sleeping or level your upper body to feel relief from nasal congestion.
  • Rinse your throat with salt water gargle: To feel relief from the sore throat and chest congestion, gargle with a glass of warm salt water for 10 seconds and repeat if required.
  • Stay hydrated: The most important remedy for chest pain is to be hydrated by consuming at least 8 glasses of water every day. You may also consume vegetable juice or fresh fruit juice which is high in vitamin C, nutrients and calcium that help to support the immune system and fight off the cold virus. Using humidifier is also a recommended option for relieving the chest cold symptoms.
  • Consume hot tea: Among all the teas, Ginger tea is the best tea that helps to fight off the chest cold virus as it is an antiviral herb. You can enjoy the taste and soothing feel of the herb twice in a day for your chest cold problem as this helps to loosen the mucus in your lungs and chest.
  • Onion, Ginger, Turmeric: These are some of the best useful kitchen herbs which can be used effectively for treating the chest congestion and cold problem in a natural way. The anti inflammatory property of onion, ginger and turmeric helps in dealing with the problem fast offering you faster relief.

Furthermore you need to avoid smoking and keep yourself fresh with the use of inhaler in order to clear the airways for easy breaths. Consult the physician if you feel chronic chest pain or recurring chest infection with symptoms.

Does Humidifier Help In Relieving from Chest Cold And Congestion?

Humidifier in your room releases the moisture in the air and removes the dryness of winter air that causes infections such as sinus and chest cold.

Definitely, you are going to feel relaxed and relieved with these cool mist humidifiers as it helps in elevating the moisture levels inside the home which may cause dry air problems, skin issues and breathing problems during the chest cold and winters.

In winters when the air is usually dry, due to use of heaters in our room, it is recommended to add a humidifier in our room. This not only helps in making the room air humid and comfortable but also helps in avoiding and treating various infections.

You can order online now to get a best humidifier for treating problems such as chest cold. And believe me this does not cost much. So why not add one to your room now and give your family the best they desire for!

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