Holmes Wifi Enabled Humidifier Review: Sufficing the Need of Smart Users

Whole house humidifiers are used to moist the air and avoid the natural dryness of the air which may be caused due to various reasons. If you want to have a great whole house humidifier for your home then Holmes HCM3888C Humidifier is one of the best one to have.

The most interesting thing about this model is its unique quality that can help you control all its features using a smart phone.

Smart devices are the most used one in this age. And having the comfort of controlling the humidifier using a smart device will be so commendable achievement.

Manage Your Humidifier from Anywhere Using Your Smartphone

Holmes wifi enabled humidifier

Yes, you heard it right!

Holmes Wifi Enabled Humidifier HCM3888C suffices the need of all smart users by offering all the features that can help control your device using a WiFi connection and a great app.

It comes with following features and technology that helps greatly:

Produce cool mist which is pure: It comes with good efficient filters which enables in producing pure cool mist which is healthy for your body.

It also checks the humidity level in the room and provides you with the right cool mist of humid air to provide the desired level of humidity.

2 Tanks which can be filled easily: The humidifier contains two tanks, each having a capacity of two gallon water. Thus the overhead of refilling is less as the capacity of the tank is big. Also an app called the ‘WeMo‘ alerts you whenever the water level in the tank is less and avoids unexpected error, damage or even danger.

Smart filter in humidifiers: HWF-80U is the filter present in the humidifier which uses the Arm and Hammer, a variety of baking soda to remove impurities and also odour from the humidifier. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and mould in the humidifier unit. Thus it saves you from various infections and diseases.

Easy replacement of filter: The filters are fixed to the rear and front door panels and are thus accessible for convenient, easy and quick replacement. The ‘WeMo’ app alerts you when a replacement is needed.

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Technology Used and How does the Humidifier Works?

This whole house humidifier by Holmes works with Apple and Android devices. To start using this, the humidifier has to be plugged into an outlet in home and the ‘WeMo’ app (a free app) has to be downloaded from the play store of Google. The App is also available at Amazon App store or the App store of Apple for using with your smart device.

This free app helps you to use the Humidifier at home from any place you are over the WiFi (4G or 3G networks). The ‘WeMo’ app is compatible with Android (4.0 and above) and Apple (iOS 7 and above) and is compatible with the Wi-Fi router you may have at home. So if you got the Wi-Fi router , internet connection, ‘WeMo’ enabled humidifier, and an Apple or Android smart device with the above features, you are ready to use the immense facilities provided by this unique humidifier.

How it Helps in Managing your Whole Home Environment from Anywhere?

Once the above set up is made and the free app ‘WeMo’ is installed on your device, you are free to use the facilities from anywhere with the help of the smart device on your hand. You can easily take a look on the humidity level and can get an alert when the water becomes low.

It gives reminders when the filter becomes impure and using the smart device, you can adjust the schedule or settings of the operation of the humidifier. Thus this humidifier is the best option for the people having busy lifestyle. It provides you with the ability to control, get alerts and manage the whole unit where ever you are. Overall this is a device which is built to provide you the comforts to a great extend.

Smart devices are now used by everyone and we do many things using it. It is quiet user friendly and provides all the information, facilities and entertainment on a touch in front of us. We are used to it and have become an inevitable part of each and every one’s life. The humidifiers being able to be controlled by the smart phone is the hero of this and the coming generations. So why not get this smart humidifier for your family now and enjoy the great environment.

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