Can Essential Oils Be Put In A Humidifier?

Humidifier is basically used to increase the humidity in a room, entire house or building. People use large humidifiers in institutional, commercial or industrial areas, by using a larger HVAC system. In winter, the humidity can drop to 10-20%. This low humidity can cause severe health problems, like drying out the nose and throat lining and respiratory distress.

It can also affect wooden furniture, cracking its pieces, causing its shrinkage or loosening the joints. Also, in very low humidity, papers, books and artworks may shrink and become brittle.

Apart from this, it can cause problems to static electricity and destroy semiconductor devices, causing textiles to cling and dust to stick to electrically charged surfaces.

Most of the people wish to get pleasing smell and aromatic environment in their room and plan to add essential oil to the water tank of a humidifier or humidifying device. But is this a good practice? Is it healthy for you? And is it is good for your device? Let us know about all this in detail below…

Essential Oils

Can Essential Oils Be Added in The Humidifier for Babies?

Essential oils are used best in diffusers that are made especially for essential oils. It is usually advised not to add oil in your humidifier, but if you really want to add essential oils in humidifier for baby, then you can add just a few drops of the oil. Also, it is important to note that a high quality essential oil can ruin your humidifier.

So you can put only a drop of oil in the humidifier to help clear your baby up, or put a drop of eucalyptus or peppermint on a cloth next to your baby so that inhaling it can clear stuffiness. Cool air humidifiers are considered the best, just like a diffuser. But you need to make sure if the oil is suitable for the humidifier or not.

Essential oils can damage plastic components over time, so choosing oil that is suitable for humidifiers is best. (Purifying oil can help clean the air).

Using Essential Oils For Congestion

Humidifiers can lower the symptoms of respiratory illnesses and sinus problems. It is recommended to inhale humidified air if you are suffering from common cold, dry sinuses, cracked lips or nosebleeds. Usually, adding a little amount of essential oils in humidifier for congestion disperses the scent and can show healing properties.

Some oils like eucalyptus or peppermint, help in breaking up congestion and soothe the nasal passages. It is not said medically that using oils in humidifiers can improve breathing, but the soothing scent gives a pleasant feeling. When adding essential oils to humidifier (to the water in the humidifier water tank), you must know that the oil can clog the motor and also erode the water tank with fine cracks.

So learn the correct techniques before adding essential oils in humidifier for congestion.


Keep a cotton cloth slightly pattered with essential oil in direction to the steam from the humidifier. It is advised not to pour oil in the humidifier. Adding essential oils to humidifier will cause the floating of oil on top of water rather coming out with the water vapor and may damage your humidifier.

However, well maintained humidifiers help babies to enjoy soft skin and lips and also opening up of the throat and nasal passages.

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