Can Cool Mist Humidifier Make You Sick?

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2016)

Humidifiers are the staple things that are commonly found in today’s household. These are good for your health & skin and also makes the environment easy to breathe especially if you are living at northern places with low temperature and dry atmospheric air.

With so many varieties available, it is really confusing when you go to buy best one for your home. Certainly health is the first concern that you would be considering, therefore it is important to know that the humidifier you choose will not make you sick anyhow.

Choosing a humidifier depends upon your home atmosphere and the climate outside. So far the cold, flu and similar medical problems are concerned; doctors highly recommend using cool mist humidifier for the families as it deals with most of these problems effectively.

When your kids or you yourself are suffering from cold symptoms, these humidifier machines come to your rescue. The reason, these cool mist humidifiers are recommended is it rescues you from adding moisturizer to the atmosphere and help you with breathing problems, sore throat, congestion and other relevant cold problems.

Now that you have considered buying a cool mist humidifier, it is important whether it will suit your health or not. Certainly, you don’t want any more health problems so it is important to look out while short listing one.

A cool mist humidifier is widely known for treating chest and nasal congestion from common allergies, skin problems, sinus and cold infections in winters. And in summers when the air is too dry it helps in making the environment moisturized and easy.

However during summer and spring months, when mold and pollen counts in, your unit requires getting extra care. The chances are that the unit gets congested with the dirt and pollen and not making it useful for the purpose it is being bought.


Clean Your Humidifier Regularly for Better Hygienic Conditions

Although, the cool misting humidifiers do not posses any danger of fire or burn hazard, there are concerns with this device as well. If not taken appropriate care, these humidifier can create various health problems and can also make you sick.

It is therefore vital to properly clean the humidifier on regular basis, to ensure that you are not putting you and your family at risk. Some of the steps for cleaning the unit comprises:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the water tank every 3-4 days
  • Changing the water every day
  • Using only distilled water in the tank than just filling it up with the tap water
  • Regularly monitoring the humidity levels in your house, the ideal temperature should remain from 30% to 50%.

There are lots of benefits of having a cool mist humidifier THAN any flaw associated with it. The reason is quite straight forward that they are designed to improve/enhance your health. Secondly, it has a simple working pattern; it is user friendly and requires less maintenance.

The only thing you need to take care is cleaning it thoroughly and keep a check on the humidity levels. If the humidity level rises, there are high chances of mold and bacteria to develop causing various health problems for you and your family.

To thoroughly clean the cool mist humidifier, there are several ways. There are cleaning solutions and filters that need to be replaced. You can use these available options to get professional cleaning for your humidifier.

Just make sure that you are taking appropriate care of your family, and not making them sick anymore by using the dirty humidifiers! Rest assured, if you care for this, all the health issues are taken care by your best humidifier device.

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