5 Best Heater Humidifier Combo Reviews

Humidifier is a most desiring home appliance in winters (after heaters) to make the surrounding air in the room moist or humid. As we keep our heaters ON at most of the times during the winters it leads to dry air problem. This causes so many health and beauty issues which becomes often hard to tackle with using a good cool mist humidifier unit.

Although adding both of these units is essential for overall health, most of us ignore adding one or the other. This is sometimes due to cost and at other times due to lack of extra space in our rooms to accommodate both the devices.

Here we are discussing about the less known devices which are known as Heater Humidifier Combo or Heater with Humidifier units. The idea to develop these devices is to satisfy the demand of users who are in need of a single device that can function best in both the ways for providing the maximum comfort in winters.

Yes, believe me! With a single appliance in your room you can enjoy the benefits of heater as well as humidifier without the need to worry about cost or space in your room.

As this heater humidifier combo unit cost less than two individual units (heater and a humidifier) it is quite easy for your pocket. And as it requires less space to accommodate as compared to two individual units (heater and a humidifier) you need not worry about the space you have in your small room.

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5 Best Humidifier with Heater Combo Units

Overall, this Heater with Humidifier combo unit is a great option for you if you want to buy a new heater and a humidifier for this winter season. Let us check out the best options and reviews below so that you can easily buy one for yourself and your family.

1- Dr. Infrared heater portable space heater with humidifier

The all new Dr. Infrared heater with a humidifier is designed with an advanced form of dual heating technology. It comprises of 1500W with both high and low temperament setting. It ranges further from 50 to 85 degree, making it an affordable way to control your interior environment. This heater with humidifier is designed to heat up a large room with its dual heating system.

This product is a further amalgamation of PTC and quartz infrared tube. Furthermore, this item comprises of overheat protection and tip-over protection, as some of the added features. Considered as a newly designed and engineered heater from the USA, this humidifier with heater must be a necessary item on your checklist.

This space heater with humidifiercomprises of a built-in humidifier, which helps in producing cool mist. It further helps in adding requisite humidity to winter dry air.

  • If you compare this heater with others, it can heat a larger room for more than 60% of what other heaters are capable of. It comes with a 5200 BTU rate.
  • The additional tip-over and overheat protection comprises of 12 hours of automatic shut-off timer.
  • This heater further comprises of silent ultrasonic humidifier that produces therapeutic comfort, which you have never felt before.
  • It helps in distributing warm air throughout the available space in a faster rate.

This heater humidifier combo comprises of 13 x 11 x 16 inches dimensions and weighs around 23 pounds. It is lighter in weight and can be carried easily from one place to another. It comprises of high-velocity low noise blower and dual heating system, which helps in keeping you warm during the jittery cold temperature. It further helps in saving your electricity bills, thanks to its perfect Quartz Infrared and PTC combination. Each product is tested under stringent parameters before dispatching the items. Therefore, these heaters are safe to be placed around pets and children.

2- New Age Living H1000-4 High Efficiency Quartz Infrared Heater with Humidifier & Built-In HEPA Air Purifier + UV Sterilizer

A perfect example of the contemporary heater, this New Age Living heater humidifier air purifier all in one is a perfect combination of warm and safe air, to gift you with a healthy surrounding atmosphere. This product is designed to heat gently, thanks to its Quartz element. It creates pleasant and even heat, without any form of uneven hot spots.

The best part is that this humidifier cleans, while it heats the surrounding air. It works to remove harmful pollutants and allergens, and further killing bacteria and viruses. For those household with asthma patients, these heater humidifiers are best. It welcomes you to a comfortable environment, no matter how worst the weather is.

Before you plan to invest money in this New Age Living heater and humidifier combo, it’s time to chalk out some features first. Listed below, are some of the noteworthy points, associated with this heater.

  • Other than cleaning the surrounding air, this heater works as a humidifier too. It comprises of a built-in humidifier, which helps in keeping the air moist and comfortable for breathing.
  • This heater humidifier is user-friendly. You are free from handling any complicated thermostats to program the machine. You have the liberty to select from the available seven temperature presets.
  • This product comes with three years warranty service. This warranty period remains more or less same with each standardized unit, making it one-time investment plan.

This infrared heater with humidifier stops invasion of allergens, circulating dust and even viruses from the warm air. Thanks to its 1500W heating element, it remains cool even if you touch the exterior portion accidentally. It comprises of HEPA filter, for removing allergens and dust, making it suitable for asthma patients. For killing viruses and bacteria, this heater uses the advanced PCO technology, followed by UV-C light. It will keep the air moist and warm for a fulfilling experience.

3- Sunpentown Ceramic Heater with Humidifier SPT SH-1505

The Sunpentown ceramic heater with humidifier is specially designed to keep your homes warm when it is freezing outside and cool when it is too hot outside. It creates a soothing warm atmosphere without over drying. It is best for both your summer and winter needs. It has an adjustable thermostat that lets you choose the comfort level you want and maintain it. Your home temperature level can be easily changed according to your requirement.

This SPT ceramic heater with humidifier has high and low heat settings that can be used with or without the humidifier. The heater humidifier combo’s features include: thermal cut-off, overheat protection, easy-to-use control dials and Power “on” light and tip-over switch. All these special features provide convenience and safety for everyday use. The thermal cut-off, automatic overheat protection and tip over switch features provide heating in a very safe manner for your entire family.

It is also energy efficient due to its new technology. You will not find any great product like this one that has such unique features and includes heater and humidifier in itself. Its unique humidifier helps to add moisture to the air in your rooms while heat gets evenly distributed throughout the rooms.

Low humidity can cause health problems like drying out of mucous membranes (nose and throat) and other respiratory problems. It can also cause shrinkage and cracking of wooden furniture, books, papers, textiles, etc. Therefore this product is a must buy as it can protect you from severe cold during winters and at the same time keeps your skin hydrated all the time.

4- Envion Humidiheat 3-in-1 Heater with Humidifier

The Envion Humidiheat 3-in-1 Heater with Humidifier and fan is a great product that heats, moisturizes, freshens, filters and revitalizes dry air in your room simultaneously. This heater with humidifier is portable so that you have no problem in moving it from one place to another. It is built in such a way that you can use it conveniently, with its sleek and easily maintainable design. You do not have to add any cartridges or filters to it, so overall it is a very useful product for daily use.

This heater and humidifier combo comes with 3 efficient heat settings (900, 1200 and 1500-Watts) that help you adjust the temperature according to your needs. It is also designed with an anti-microbial technology to take care of your health and safety. This technology helps prevent bacteria and germs from growing inside the water tank. With such convenient and safe features, this product serves as the best heater plus humidifier for your homes.

It protects you from sore throats, dry skin, flu, chapped lips and skin, nose bleeds, and your home furniture from cracks, breakage, etc. caused due to lack of moisture in the air. This product incorporates the humidifier, heater and air washer all in a single unit. There is also a 12 hour run time on one tank, to give maximum output. You will definitely love the Envion Humidiheat 3-in-1 Heater with Humidifier for its excellent features and easy to use design.

5- Infrared Heater with Humidifier Plasma Inverter Air Purifier XPD-1500BLK

The 1500W Quartz Infrared Heater with Humidifier Plasma Inverter Air purifier XPD-1500BLK is a complete solution for the perfect air quality in your homes. This is not just a 4 in 1 heater; it is also a plasma purifier, a humidifier, a quartz infrared heater and a sterilizer. Have you seen a heater with all these features in just one component? Such a combination is not found in any other product so this is the best kind of heater for your use.

The humidifying, sterilizing, purifying and infrared heating features of this heater and humidifier combo makes your room warm, clean, cozy and comfortable. It also includes the safe tip over switch and overheat safe cut out features. This prevents your heater from overheating the air and providing the optimum temperature for you. Its HEPA filter is highly efficient and helps eliminate micro particles of the size as small as 0.3 microns, up to 99.5%, making the air around you safe for your health. Its Plasma ION generator kills any air pollutants at the molecular level itself. The heater’s fan is capable of transmitting water vapor into air, making it comfortable for you.

This heater and humidifier combo incorporates a PCO system helps eliminate bad odor from your room. At the same time, it destroys all the bacteria and germs to provide a healthy and pure breathing environment. Thus, this product prevents you from airborne illnesses like allergy, skin infections, cold and flu, nose bleeds, breathing problems, etc. So this is the perfect product for a perfect home atmosphere.

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