Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier for Comfortable Breathing Inside Home

A cold temperature in the winter season is really troublesome for many. During this the humidity is most of the times low. Also it makes hard to burn stoves, gas or electric furnaces inside the home. Further more this season can wreak havoc on your wooden furniture in your living room and can also make your family sick due to various health issues caused.

Thanks to a good branded humidifier such as Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 ultrasonic humidifier which makes it all easy for you to survive in these conditions. These are best suited for small to medium sized rooms. And it is one of the top choices for those who are looking for the quietest and high quality room humidifiers at an affordable price tag.

So if you are having trouble breathing comfortably inside your home, you must bring Air-O-Swiss® AOS 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier to home. This is a life saver tool featuring a safe and simple solution that enables comfortable breathing inside home. This brand new humidifier can help sinus patients in terms of comfortable breathing.

Let us Look on How the Machine Works?

First fill the tank with water. Switch on the machine and it will quickly start room’s humidity level. The water will finally get depleted and you need to refill. This product is used to increase the level of moisture in the room air.

Air-O-Swiss® AOS 7135 Ultrasonic Digital Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier generates either cool mist or warm mist and preheats the water to expel a moist or warm mist to the ambiance.

Air-O-Swiss creates micro fine mist while using the high frequency vibrations and will moisturize a room of around 650 square feet in a comfortable manner. Other important features of the product includes:

  • Changes the cold tap water into a cool mist.
  • It has whisper-quiet, straightforward operation without any hissing or bubbling
  • Gives out around 2.3 gallons of moisture every day
  • Easy refilling and carries a good amount of water to stay wet overnight
  • Comes with digital controls and other settings
  • Auto shut off after eight hours when in sleep mode

Why You Should Go with Air-O-Swiss Brand?

You can get low end humidifiers that have no real electronics built-in to them. These basic machines can just change the water into steam. So, be careful when choosing a cool mist humidifier. Find a sophisticated brand such as Air-O-Swiss, which is fully programmable.

Though this brand is bit expensive, they are highly recommended to worth in the long run. These models come with 3-year manufacturer warranty. Air-O-Swiss  AOS 7135 humidifier unit is a pleasure to use in home. So you may just consider buying Air-O-Swiss® ultrasonic digital warm and cool mist humidifier as per your requirement.

The completely replaceable cartridges of the machine delivers the pure hygienic water mist with no mineral or lime scale residue. It has been seen that various humidifiers spreads the microbes, molds and bacteria into the air.

But using Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 model is completely safe and helps in avoiding this issue. With its Ionic Silver Stick Technology to produce aqueous silver ions, it keep a control on the growth of bacteria and microbes and thus prevents contamination.

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Easy Maintenance of The Unit

Air-O-Swiss  AOS 7135 humidifier can make problems easily solved. You need to provide the system with regular maintenance. You need to practice some maintenance tips to ensure that your machine will not become a hazard in the home.

Regular cleaning of the unit is necessary to keep bacteria and other germs from assembling inside the system. Empty the water in the basin on a daily basis using a white vinegar and fresh water solution. This is to disinfect the basin and make it dry before storage.

These AOS 7135 ultrasonic humidifiers use the high quality parts and filters which needs less maintenance. Also these are available in Cool Mist or Dual Warm/Cool Mist models, and with mechanical or digital controls which makes it a best choice for all types of consumers having various different requirements.

Moreover Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 humidifier parts are easily available for you and you can even buy these online at shops such as Amazon. While making a purchase you are also provided with the manual for easy operation, maintenance and caring of your device.

So why waiting for! Buy a sophisticated model of Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 ultrasonic humidifier and enjoy a comfortable breathe experience inside home. Consider online shopping for discount offerings and fast delivery mode.

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