Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Air-O-Swiss® is an international brand company which is well known for the production of good quality humidifiers. It is known as one of a leading company in manufacturing good number of humidifier models.

Air-O-Swiss model humidifiers have a good reputation among the multinational companies as well as with the general people because they are not only producing household humidifiers but also the large scale humidifiers for the use of huge space coverage like offices and big houses.

Even though there are so many companies available for supplying the humidifiers, the best one among them is Air-O-Swiss®. This is the best branded humidifier which is available in different sizes and in different models according to the usage and demand of consumers.

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 travel humidifier (ultrasonic cool mist) is one of the best known humidifier models in the present market. It is extraordinarily compact model humidifier which easily fits into your travel bag so that you can carry it to any destination comfortably. The major plus point in this model is that for the water input you can easily install your own normal water bottle and plug in the device and enjoy the moist, fresh air inside your room.

With the help of high frequency vibrations this humidifier produces micro fine cool mist which gets evaporated as soon as it is blown into the room. So that the room will be kept cool constantly.

Amazon: Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier
Amazon: Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier

Working and Features of Air-O-Swiss® 7146 Travel Humidifier

While operating Air O Swiss Portable Travel Humidifier 7146 it is important to check that you keep the unit on a flat, stable surface which is at least 3 feet above ground. Also it is important that you do not use the water bottles above the standard 16 FL OZ as this can overflow the unit. One should also refer to the provided instruction manual before operating the device so as to avoid any risk.

It is an automatic humidifier model which controls the humidity in the atmosphere on its own without any command or adjustments. The unit is light weight shuts off automatically when the water gets emptied. It also has an empty indicator which makes the device safe to use.

The ultimate welcoming feature in this humidifier is that it is totally a noise free model. The machine comes with transcontinental AC adapter and exchangeable plugs which makes it easily assessable throughout North America and Europe. The adapter means you can use your personal unit on both sides of the Atlantic.

Besides the other benefits, it contains water refilling indicators which is an important concern. When the device is on then it shows soothing blue colored light and when the water gets empty then it shows red colored light. With this feature you can easily refill the water by seeing this automatic indicator without any difficulty.

Just get this humidifier for your place and stay healthy by enjoying clean, moist air in your environment. This can also enhance the work productivity when you set this unit at your desk or in your office.

Where to Buy This Humidifier At Best Price:

Looking for humidifiers and comparing different models can be hectic and time consuming. But if you act wise you can just visit an online store which is most reliable and get this amazing product at best price. At stores such as Amazon you will find the best option to buy this humidifier at the best affordable price.

With hundreds of positive customer reviews available for this product you can see various feedback about it and know about why this is one of the best option for travelers. You can also get free shipping on this product if you buy it now.

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