10 Best Home Remedies for Chest Congestion and Cough

Chest congestion and cough is a very common ailment that could develop bigger troubles if left uncured. Especially for those having poor immunity system it can become a troublesome situation which can be hard to cure.

Chest Congestion is basically caused when excess mucus gets accumulated in the Lungs and outside of it. This could happen because of common cold or viral infection, asthma or even heart diseases. The excess mucus in the lungs creates chest congestion with coughs along with irregular breathing which makes us feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Since the passage of air to the lungs becomes difficult, symptoms like chest pain, abnormal sound while breathing or difficulty in breathing might occur. Throat Pain and running nose could also be a symptom for chest congestion. If it is not treated on time it might lead to bronchitis or pneumonia.

Rushing to your nearby family doctor is surely going to help you in getting an instant relief. But it is important to know that regular consumption of medicines and antibiotics makes our immune system weak. In extreme cases it also makes the system dormant reducing our natural ability to fight diseases. And for this reason number of people today believe in home remedies.

home remedies for chest congestion

Given below are helpful home remedies for chest congestion and cough that will help you get relief from the problem without any side effects.

1- Pepper: Pepper is one of the best home remedies for chest congestion. It interacts with blockage in the throat clears the passage to the lungs to give instant relief. There are two ways of consuming pepper. These are:

Boil a glass of Milk, Take a small portion of it in another glass and add a couple spoons of pepper powder. Mix it thoroughly and drink it in a single gulp. Then pour the remaining Milk in the glass and drink it hot.

Powdered pepper can also be taken with the boiled rice before your regular diet. Mix a table spoon of powder in a small quantity of boiled rice. Eat it while it is still hot and then continue to eat your regular food.

2- Pepper and Turmeric: Although pepper can relieve the problem of chest congestion fast, adding turmeric powder with it helps to clear it even faster. Turmeric is a good disinfectant. It kills bacteria and virus present in the body and when combined with pepper it works even better and faster in fighting chest congestion and cough.

Boil a glass of milk, take a small portion of it in a glass, add a couple of teaspoon of pepper and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Drink it in a single gulp and then drink the balance milk hot.

3- Onion: Onion works as another great home remedies for cough and chest congestion. It can be sliced and consumed directly. Or you can extract onion juice which can be consumed along with honey.

Another method is; Just soak a piece of onion in a cup of honey and keep it as such overnight. The next day, remove the onion piece to get the honey enriched with the medicinal properties of onion. You can consume this one spoon of this honey 3-4 times a day to make your day comfortable.

4- Garlic: Garlic is also considered as one of the greatest home remedies for chest congestion and cough. Boil a cup of water. Add required lime to it. Then add ground Garlic to it. You can mix some pepper powder to it to hasten the relief. Add salt for taste and consume the mixture.

5- Radish: Take some radish pieces and crush it in a mixer to make a juice. Drinking a glass of it can give you an instant relief from cough and chest congestion. You can drink radish juice several times a day whenever you feel uncomfortable.

6- Gargling: Gargling with hot water 3 to 4 times a day can give you relief from chest congestion and cough in an easy way. For faster results you can add salt and turmeric powder to hot water.

7- Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV has the property of decimating bacteria. Consuming a gulp of it at times when you feel unpleasant by chest congestion would help in getting instant relief. Do not forget to dilute the ACV before consuming it.

8- Lemon: Citric acid is the main ingredient of lemon and with added advantage of Vitamin C it helps in building up the immune system of the body. You can mix a spoon of lemon concentrate in boiling water and drink it to break the mucus. This provides you good relief from the congestion problem. You can even add some turmeric to make the solution more effective.

9- Dried Ginger: Even though ginger can be used as one of the best home remedies for chest congestion in adults, it is widely believed that ginger could heat up the intestines. So I would suggest consuming dried ginger in place of fresh ginger.

Take a piece of dried ginger and crush it nicely. Pour some water in a bowl and boil it. Add the powdered dried ginger to the boiling water and let it boil for some time. Filter out the dry ginger extract, add some sugar for taste and drink it warm. This is also one of the best home remedies for chest congestion in toddlers and can be tried at home for getting instant relief.

10- Eucalyptus Leaf: The last solution to spell here is the eucalyptus leaves. Keep some fresh leaves of eucalyptus handy.

Take some water in a bowl and boil it thoroughly. When the water is boiling remove the container from the heater. Crush the eucalyptus leaves in your hand as far as you could and put them in boiling water. Bring your face near the bowl. Cover your face and bowl with a thick blanket, towel or bed sheet. Inhale and exhale the steam emanating from the boiling water that is enriched with the medicinal properties of eucalyptus.

You will be sweating during this process, but don’t be afraid. Keep on breathing and when you feel the relief from the chest congestion remove the blanket and dry out the sweat. As inhaling the vapours directly takes them to the lungs, instantaneous relief is guaranteed during this process.

Besides all these home remedies, using humidifier for chest congestion and cough is also recommended by doctors. You can buy one online and add it to your room for getting the relief. This can be used in addition to the any of the above home remedies you try for chest congestion and cough.

All the home remedies mentioned above are natural and do not have any potential risk. You can try any one of the above given home remedies to get the best relief from chest congestion and cough. The best part of it is that there will be no side effects seen when you try the natural home remedies for getting the relief.

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