10 Best Portable Travel Humidifiers for Healthy and Enjoying Vacation

Taking a travel humidifier while going on vacation can help you keep away from lots of health issues, which may otherwise spoil your journey. Check more below to know about some of the best humidifier models that can be used at vacation.

Travelling and going to a vacation is one of the most pleasing thing in anyone’s life. But at times it becomes very hard and troublesome when one suffers from some kind of health issues during the vacation. Instead of enjoying the time, they need to tackle from the unexpected health issues.

Are you the one suffering from respiratory problems? If so, portable travel humidifiers come as haven hand while you are on a trip to enjoy your vacation. The moist air produced by a high quality travel humidifier moisturizes the ‘mucous membrane’ in our nose. It also moisturizes the respiratory system and helps to avoid problems like stuffy nose, nose bleeds and sore throats. It even moisturizes the skin and reduces the problem of dry skin.

Even if it is a hotel room, the dryness can be felt as the AC is on. After a sleep in that room, you will find that you are suffering from dry nose or throat. Sometimes it results in having a disturbed sleep and will destroy the objective of traveling – ‘happiness & enjoyment’. In such cases, a portable and personal travel humidifier can be used to moisturize the room evenly.

Best travel humidifiers

Why You Need A Personal Travel Humidifier While Vacationing?

When you are moving to a dry area or while traveling through humid places, your body starts responding negatively to the dryness. These responses will be in greater severity with people who have problems like sinus, skin disease, asthma etc. It will become too difficult for you and you will start avoiding travel due to the same reasons. There are so many people who love and even dream to go all over the world.

But even if they are financially sound, they let out traveling opportunities only because of such health reasons. For people like them a travel humidifier will act as a portable therapy. It helps to be healthy while enabling to enjoy the entire travel or vacation in a brighter way.

10 Best Portable Travel Humidifiers

Here we list down the 10 best models you may consider buying while you are planning for a healthy vacation.

1- Mini Portable Bottle Cap Air Humidifier with USB Cable Review

This personal to use travel humidifier is a portable and is a creative version of a usual humidifier. It removes the dryness by moisturizing the air. It provides a healthy environment by removing the dust in the air. It is easy to operate as it can be plugged with the USB cable into USB ports of laptop, iPhone charger etc.

The radiation produced from a computer can also be reduced by placing the humidifier near it. This portable small sized humidifier comes in an attractive White Color which blends into any environment. It can be used not only at home but also office at office and as it is portable, you can take it with you anywhere.

2- Mini Travel and Car Air Humidifier now with PLUG IN Adapter Review

(by Canary Products)

The uniqueness of Mini Travel/Car Humidifier is that it not only has an USB adapter but also an adapter which can be plugged into the car. It can be attached easily to the vent of the air conditioner in the car so that when air starts blowing, air gets moisturized and there won’t be any room for dryness.

This smart travel humidifier can also be taken anywhere as it is quite portable. It can be taken to hotel room or any other room and can be plugged into the wall. This humidifier makes sure that comfort and moisture never leaves the place where it is turned on. It also has replaceable filters which makes sure that the air will be always fresh.

3- Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

The Travel Ultrasonic AOS 7146 is a compact and portable travel humidifier that fits into travel bag. Wherever you turn it on, it ensures that the humidity is just as it should be with the help of Ultrasonic Technology. Ultrasonic technology uses effective high-frequency vibrations to generate micro-fine cool mist which immediately evaporates when blown into the room.

The exchangeable plugs and transcontinental AC adapter makes the Travel Ultrasonic useful all over North America and Europe. It should be placed on a stable, flat surface which is at least 3 feet high from the ground. As the unit may overflow, water bottles above the standard 16 FL OZ are not suggested to be used.

4- Walgreens Travel Humidifier Review

Walgreens is one of the largest drug retailing chains in US which is selling their products at competitive rates and spreading fame everywhere. Amazing cool mist travel size humidifier by Walgreens is one such product which is worth checking out when you are searching for a best travel humidifier in the online market.

The device is simple, portable and easy to clean. This humidifier is designed in such a way that they are compatible with water bottles all around the world.

5- Satechi USB Portable Humidifier v.2.5 (Regular) Review

The Satechi USB Portable Travel Humidifier works both as a Humidifier and an aroma diffuser. To use the humidifier, it can be placed into the opening of a cup or bottle filled with pure water and plugged into a USB port. While placing the humidifier we have to make sure that the filter is submerged.

It starts working instantly and to turn off it can be unplugged. No worries if the unplugging part is forgotten as it automatically turns off after 8 hours.

To use it as an aroma diffuser also, add essential oil or liquid fragrances to the water and create a soothing environment at home, car, office, or even while traveling. This product comes in two varieties. The mini travel size humidifier which is compact and portable works only for narrow opening. But the regular one works with containers having narrow or wide opening.

6- Cyanics Sauna Boy Portable Mini Office Bedroom Humidifier USB Powered Review

This Cyanic Sauna boy humidifier is light weight and portable to any place you go. It can be used in bedrooms and even in offices. As it can be powered by USB, plugging in at any place where a USB port is available is possible. It’s super quiet operation makes it useful both in your bedroom and office.

At bedroom, sleep won’t get disturbed as no noise is produced and you can enjoy an undisturbed, deep sleep. At office, it will refresh you and bring relief to you from the dryness produced by the air conditioner. The charming design and the mini size help it blend into the environment perfectly and provide a personal therapy on a finger touch.

7- Portable Personal USB Humidifier from Myhumidifier Review

For sure you are going to get attracted towards this amazing and adorable designed and stylish humidifier which is designed like an elegant flower. It works when you put the USB humidifier into a cup of water to make the room smell sweeter and lovelier.

Being an energy saving product with built in shock technique, this portable humidifier from Myhumidifier is very convenient to use and can be placed in your bedroom to feel the warm mist gently touching your soft cheeks and giving you a fresh feel.

It is smart like you as it beeps when the water is drained to add more. This best travel humidifier is easy to carry to any place to feel homely atmosphere. All in all this is your personal office, desk and travel companion which helps you to make your day relaxing.

This uses USA patent pending technology which can easily make your tiring hot days refreshing just by using cold water. So why not check this out and get one now.

8- Smile Rabbit Personal Ultra-compact Air Humidifier Review

This attractive and delightful compact humidifier adds comfort and creates a mirthful environment to let you feel relaxed and fresh all the time. Available in different size bottle adapters, you can conveniently place water bottles on the humidifier and adjust the moisture levels as per your desire.

It shows alarm indications in the form of signs to operate which means red sign describes running out of water and green present’s availability of water. Being quiet in function, having a small rabbit personal humidifier in your cabin lets you perform good work and enjoy a better life. No hassles of cleaning, but the best to have at home or near your desktop.

9- Sunpentown SU – 1051 Mini – Humidifier Review

A Supentown travel size humidifier with ultrasonic technology is the best to have and enjoy the cool mist only with the use of a water bottle turned over the unit to let the humidifier function instead of a water tank.

Provided with adjustable humidity and good operations, no need to worry about energy consumption as the product is ideal to use with less energy and enjoy all the benefits which a large size and an expensive humidifier does.

No problem, you spend most of the time in the nursery or in your workplace, place this Sunpentown personal humidifier near you and enjoy the fresh mist and feel energetic all the time.

10- Ivation 150ml Super-Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser

This super compact Ivation ultrasonic humidifier and aroma diffuser is a powerful machine which produces soft, cool and mild mist which is considered as perfect for aromatherapy. You just need to add a few drops of your favorite oil to feel energetic, active and to let the skin pores breathe fresh air.

Besides this, it makes your muscles, and bones feel relaxed from all your day stress. Those who suffer with sleeping disorders find this product amazing to get sleep and enjoy fresh morning. Keep it close to your night stand as it glows on dark emitting a cool white light which is perfect with dual functions.

Overall, we can clearly say that carrying a best portable travel humidifier within your backpack while vacationing can be very helpful and can help you enjoy your journey in a healthiest manner. Especially when you are planning for a vacation at a place with cold climate you need not worry about the health issues like cold, flu, running nose, etc.  So why not consider buying one while shopping for your vacation.

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